Mary P. Lund, CNMT, LMT

Whether you have a recent injury or a chronic ache — massage can help.

Untreated injuries and stress can lead to long-term chronic pain. If you, your family, or friends live with chronic pain, then you know it can lead to a decrease in earnings, social and family activities, and the joy of living.

Studies show that therapeutic massage from an experienced massage therapist can enhance healing and overall energy levels while relieving pain, stress, and tension.

Mary graduated June 1996 from the Utah College of Massage Therapy (UCMT). She was recognized for
Outstanding Academic Achievement. The 712 hours of required UCMT study exceeds the minimum 500 hours provided by many massage schools in this area. UCMT works closely with the University of Utah’s Anatomy Department, requiring several hours of cadaver study so that UCMT graduates fully understand the workings and movement of the body’s musculature and structure.


What do these letters mean? They mean that Mary is licensed by the Washington Dept of Professional Licensing. And that she has met or exceeded the minimum requirements regarding the ethical and lawful practice of massage. She also takes continuing educations classes yearly as required by the licensing office.


Mary is certified in Paul St. John’s method of neuromuscular therapy (NMT). This is an intensive course of study requiring post-graduate classroom study, practical and theory exams, and additional portfolio information supporting a complete knowledge of this treatment program.
Many say they took the classes, but few get certified.
NMT’s focus is to balance the central nervous system with the structure and form of each person’s body. Using an analysis of your health/injury history, posture and movement testing, and palpation, Mary determines which muscles need to be worked. What this means is – even though your main complaint is burning pain between your shoulder blades, you may actually need work done on the muscles of your chest and ribs.

Why massage by Mary Lund?

Mary has been a therapeutic relaxation and treatment massage professional for over 16 years. She has post-graduate training in medical rehabilitation techniques, far and above most massage therapists, enabling her to work on a wide variety of clients from babies/children, Alzheimer patients, to top athletes – and you!

Because many people are concerned about the depth of the work — either too deep or not deep enough — Mary knows that deeper isn’t always better. She adjusts her pressure to suit your needs and comfort level, so you feel worked on…. not worked over.

What types of sessions does Mary have to choose from?

Treatment — Medical rehabilitation techniques are focused on the areas of pain or injury. Treatment sessions are only available in 55-minute appointments; which includes a detailed intake of your current conditions, some range of motion testing, and true treatment massage targeted to relieve your pain.

Therapeutic Relaxation — Soothing relaxation techniques are combined with some minimal treatment work for a full body/mind/spirit relaxation session. 30-minute and 55-minute sessions are available.

Foot Treatment — 30 wonderful minutes focused only on your feet. What better way to treat a part of your body that is often overlooked and always overworked?

Why Massage by Mary P Lund?

Because a Life lived in Pain….Is a Life half Lived

WA LMP license MA00011785

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